PLAY Recognized for Low-Budget Dynamic Print Project

When a marketing agency says it specializes in building unique handcrafted print campaigns, they better back it up.

We at PLAY Creative happen to make that claim, and our friends at Foldfactory recently helped us back it up.

Foldfactory is one of the world’s leading resources when it comes to creative folded print materials and campaigns, and features some of the best dynamic print projects out there. At PLAY Creative, we’re proud to have recently been featured by this print design juggernaut.

We’re honored to have a project we produced for Credit Union of American featured in Foldfactory’s 60-second Super-Cool Fold of the Week video series, and you can check out our featured project here.

When dealing with dynamic print campaigns, it’s not enough to simply produce an idea. Even engineering a solution with dimension that’s eye-catching, creative and engaging is only a small part of a successful print project. There’s also cost to consider, and of course, results. (Foldfactory also deemed this project a “low-budget wonder” and “fabulously frugal.”) We also owe our friends at Regal Printing a tip of the cap for helping keep the project on time and on budget.

Whether it’s for a credit union, university, or any type of business in between, PLAY Creative can develop handcrafted print campaigns worth holding onto that your customers want to play with. Most importantly, our dynamic print delivers results.

To see more examples of some our best print campaigns, click here.