PLAYtime: Recess

11/16/2016|PLAY Culture|

All work and no PLAY makes for a less cohesive team.

We’re a team of professionals who believe in working hard but also see value in making a conscious effort to build strong relationships. This philosophy can be seen in how we work with our clients, our vendors and the members of our team. In fact, we believe so firmly in creating a little “PLAYtime” that we’ve initiated a regular recess into our week.

The rules of our recess are loose, but the intention remains clear. Whatever activity or outing we participate in, we do it together and with a focus on getting to know one another better. These activities have helped showcase hidden talents, special interests and much more.

Believe it or not there are weeks when we’re not all in the office at the same time. When our schedules just can’t work out, we plan a Friday Afternoon Club (FAC) at one of our local favorites, which includes HopCat, Cultiva, Zipline, Scooters, and many more. 

Most recently, our recesses have included a Candy Day in honor of Halloween and a Grilled Cheese Bar to help us get excited about the upcoming cooler temperatures. The week of Halloween, each PLAY team member brought in their favorite candy. This buffet of goodies not only allowed us to indulge like kids for a day; it also let us express ourselves through candy!

Our Grilled Cheese Bar was a little more elaborate as we explored the world of cheese and toasted bread. With roughly 12 types of cheese to choose from, plus some ham and bacon, we enjoyed taking a lunch hour to create unique sandwiches and bond over a hot griddle.

By taking time to plan fun, and sometimes unexpected team events, we can build deeper relationships, which results in a more collaborative work environment and even better work for our clients.