Let’s Meet New Friends

Let’s Meet New Friends

Project Description

• Friends University

• Campaign branding

Media List
• Campaign strategy/planning
• Drip campaign:
– Dynamic trifold mailer
– Two postcards
– Letter-style mailer
– Five emails


Friends University wanted to leverage our creativity in print and email campaigns to help generate applications from high school prospects. We created a five-phase drip campaign for the winter that all started with a landing page designed to funnel prospects to Friends’ online application.

Each phase of the campaign focused one of five key selling points that we determined in tandem with the Friends team, and included an email directed to our custom landing page. Printed media in the campaign included postcards, a letter to the parents of prospects, and of course, a dynamic mail piece.


In dealing with a purchased list of prospects, we knew we’d have to “introduce” them to Friends University before diving into the unique selling points we focused on to differentiate the school. This included visiting campus, an extensive student-guided tour with Q&A session, and a a student interview.  What better way to find out what students love about Friends University than going straight to the source?

We then worked with the Friends team to learn more about their approach to a prospect funnel, which helped guide our messaging throughout the campaign.

The first of five emails gave a general overview of Friends University and introduced the main points that we determined prospects should know for an undergraduate prospect campaign, and was paired with the first postcard send. The middle three emails dove deeper into Friends’ uniqueness and, finally, the finally email concluded the campaign with one final push for prospects to apply. Each of the three middle email were accompanied by a mail piece, included a low-budget dynamic mailer.


In just over a month, the campaign’s touch points included five emails and four mail pieces. The campaign’s email five blasts generated an average open rate above 12% and overall, the campaign generated 32 new visitors to the Friends University application page.