125 Years of Amazing

125 Years of Amazing

Project Description

• Assurity Life Insurance :: 125 Years of Amazing

• Campaign branding and development

Media List
• Campaign strategy/planning
• Event naming and branding
• Logo development
• Brand standards guide
• Trading cards for staff
• 22″x28″ posters for top sales staff
• 48 hero characters (top sales staff) illustrated
• Microsite development hosting all characters
• 12 dynamic mailers revealing new heroes monthly
• Annual report
• Comic book with all heros
• Interior display graphics

Target Audience
• In-house campaign focused on current staff only


Assurity Life Insurance was looking for a campaign they could share internally that engaged staff from multiple locations. While creating a new campaign, they also wanted to showcase 125 years of service. We developed a campaign brand that placed the staff first and focused on how they make Assurity Life Insurance what it is today. From there, the name “125 Years of Amazing” was born.

We wanted the main positioning of the campaign to be straightforward and simple. The branding mainly featured characters drawn as heroes of the company. These heroes were mainly staff who ranked in the top 4-5 in sales every month. Each of those sales staff was rewarded by having their character drawn with their favorite hobbies as their strengths on print material. A direct mail piece was sent out to all staff and they were given their very own 22″x28″ poster. They were also featured on the campaign website.


We had as much fun with this campaign as the staff did at Assurity Life Insurance. Every month we featured several top sales staff and illustrated them by their “strengths” or hobbies. We kept the general campaign graphics very simple so the focus would weigh on the characters themselves. The color red was made prominent in the annual report, website and mailings. Each poster was assigned 1 of the 6 branding colors we assigned for consistency. A comic book was produced at the end of the campaign featuring all hero characters. Every staff member was given a comic book.


During the campaign we also developed trading cards. These were handed out to staff members by management based on their performance. At the beginning of the campaign we worked closely with the Assurity Life Insurance team to define 6 core qualities. Each quality had a generic character and name developed. For instance “Virtuoso” was the superhero of “Ethical Behavior.” The general response to the campaign was positive and sales increased. The main take away from this project was that our team was able to create pieces that engage staff members to participate as a team and reward each other when everyone works together. The hero character illustrations only lasted for 12 months. But the trading cards and staff appreciation will be used for years to come.