Aiming for a New Brand

Aiming for a New Brand

Project Description

• Family Focus Federal Credit Union :: AIM

• Product and campaign branding

Media List
• Campaign strategy/planning
• Product naming and branding
• Logo development
• Table tents
• Online ads
• Flyers

Target Audience
• Current members

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Family Focus FCU approached us to produce a new brand for a new product and service they wanted to roll out. With their project goals of streamlining customer service and fitting their members into the best services and products possible, we knew that brand consistency would be paramount. We needed this new sub-brand to evoke a feeling of progression but also relate to the current brand colors. We developed three main areas of focus for the program along with the name. Working off the current slogan (which we previously developed when creating their main branding) “Working together towards financial freedom,” we established a new name “AIM” along with a positioning statement of “ready, aim, freedom.” The new slogan represented the stages a member will go through as they work closely with the Family Focus team to achieve their financial goals together.

Elements shown below
• Digital ads (Left and far right)
• Interior graphics on location (Middle image)


Above are a few logo variations that didn’t make the cut. As shown below the version that we went with for the final logo mimic’d the butterfly wings in a more modern and abstract way. As we rolled out the branding we kept the vibrant colors in the headlines and support copy. This would make the graphics pop not only on digital applications but in print as well.