Welcome to Friendly

Welcome to Friendly

Project Description

• Credit Union of America :: “It’s for You!”

• Campaign branding and development

Media List
• Campaign strategy/planning
• Direct mail
• Lobby displays (posters and POP displays)
• Online and print ads
• Email marketing
• TV commercials
• Handouts

Target Audience
• Current members and non members

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We develop several campaigns every year for Credit Union of America. In between those campaigns, we maintain their branding across more than 40 different media. This campaign mainly showcases some of the work we put into each campaign. Campaigns we assist the CUA team with include checking, auto loans, home loans, HELOC and savings campaigns. We’ve developed ads for almost every media out there, applying and re-sizing our designs for just about anything. When developing messaging for each campaign, we focus closely on delivering to the target audience and work with the CUA team to monitor goals through each campaign, then pivot design and messaging when necessary. Most of the media outlets stay the same, but the content and creative evolve to gain maximum results. The work here showcases some of the various media developed.