Rock Your Taste Buds

Rock Your Taste Buds

Project Description

• TOBA Inc. :: TASTE! by TOBA

• Event and campaign branding

Media List
• Campaign strategy/planning
• Event naming and branding
• Logo development
• Email marketing
• Sales rep postcard handouts (three different designs)
• Box set invitation
• Social media images

Target Audience
• Current customers of Thompson Foods, Braunger Foods and Variety Foods
• Customer referrals/guests


Each year, thousands of people gather around various spots across the Midwest for food shows separately hosted by The Thompson Company, Braunger Foods, and Variety Foods. In 2017, parent company TOBA Inc., had something much bigger up their sleeve. TOBA approached PLAY with a sizable request, asking us to facilitate all the branding for the first event that would combine all three companies’ food shows into one massive event.

TOBA Inc. contacted us with the goal of gaining significant attendance at their first-ever food show that combined all three of their companies. They wanted something grand to not only attract attendees, but also showcase the main entertainment for the food show, Loverboy. The show was so big, TOBA Inc. rented out Omaha’s Century Link Center.

To get people excited for the event, we started building a strategy that utilized TOBA Inc.’s sales reps to hand out bi-weekly marketing pieces, then began to implement email marketing, social media, and most importantly, one final box invite that the customer could engage with.

Our focus was to make the marketing as grand as the event and create conversation pieces that the sales team and customer could engage with together. We built an even spread of digital and print media to make sure we capitalized on the promotion of the event.


From beginning to end, this project was in our hands, quite literally. After planning, the execution all started with brainstorming a name for the event. This event would occur annually, so we wanted a name that rolled off the tongue easily and would stick with people.

“TASTE! by TOBA” was the result of extensive brainstorming and concept sketching. Following naming, we then developed the event’s logo and branding. After the naming, logo and brand were all developed, we quickly moved into developing all supporting marketing pieces.


With a mix of digital and print advertising, we were able to reach the desired attendance for the food show. The messaging of the event’s email marketing focused on the event details as well as several TOBA Inc. weekly product specials. The four promotional emails were sent to TOBA Inc.’s customers.

With carefully crafted graphics and messaging, the emails generated an average 29% open rate and 4% click rate over the course of the campaign. The dynamic piece, pictured above, was a hit at the event and remains one of our finest print pieces to this day.