New Property Name & Logo

New Property Name & Logo

Project Description

• Schafer Richardson :: Square 48

• Brand and logo development
• Property naming and branding

Target Audience
• Recent college grads and pre-homeownership residents
• Local residents seeking walkability to area attractions and easy outdoor access


We were approached by an investor group to develop a new name, logo and brand for a property recently developed in Lincoln. The name and branding focused on the city’s rich history at block 48, the city’s code for the location.

The developers wanted to honor the history of location and the iconic Tastee Inn & Out which once resided there, but still convey Square 48 as a destination for a younger crowd. The destination bubble you associate with online maps became the inspiration for the shape of the art, while a plan for a commemorative plaque would immortalize Tastee Inn & Out’s footprint on the block.