Print isn’t dead, and we’ve got the proof!

10/23/2014|New Technology|

It’s almost a certainty that at some point you’ve heard someone say that print advertising is dead, or at least dying. But the people who say that don’t realize how wrong they are! Here at PLAY, we focus on creative and eye-catching print campaigns, so we thought we’d share with you an interesting article on the subject of print advertisements to prove there are still great results from print!

The article is written by columnist Vladimir Gendelman, a contributor of MarketingProfs.com. In the article he talks about how print is not only flexible and adaptable, it’s very often noticed and remembered more positively. And he’s got the science to back up his claims.

The first thing he mentions is how customizable print campaigns can be. From personalized text for individuals to feel more connected and appreciated to QR codes’ up-and-coming cousin the Near Field Communication chip. The NFC chip is a minuscule computer chip that sends out a customized packet of data that can be received by mobile devices, entirely skipping the need for scanning and bringing the data on screen when you touch your phone to the print piece.


Expanding on the idea of technology and print teaming up, Gendelman mentions how successful print campaigns can be when they direct a customer to a website or social media outlet. And it turns out the market agrees with this. In a Nielsen survey, over half of all people said they use a print campaign in conjunction with a social media campaign to strengthen both.

Studies show that customers prefer mail campaigns as well. An Internal Communications Research survey found that 73% of people prefer getting direct mail pieces over any other kind of advertisement. On top of that, 85% of customers take time out of their day to sit down their mail and 40% of people will try a new business after receiving a mail piece from that company. Plus, fewer companies overall are using print campaigns, which means that a direct mail ad will stand out more to the consumer.

And let’s not forget how much more print campaigns can be beyond just paper. It also includes everything from pens, magnets, keychains, t-shirts, even engraved drinkware. The permanence of these alternate forms keep your brand in reach, and on the mind, of customers everywhere. An Advertising Specialty Institute survey found that 84% of Americans will remember a company’s name after receiving some sort of promotional item with the company’s logo on it.

That customer retention is what leads to the last point: Print is the most cost-effective medium for advertisements. The average Cost per Impression, or CPI, is lower for print than any other method of advertising. Combined with all of the other factors, it’s clear that print is not only still alive, but alive and kicking.

So next time someone tells you that print is dead and won’t help your company one bit, you can look them in the eye and tell them they’re wrong.