Promoting Cybersecurity with Print

03/24/2015|Our Work|


Back in the 90s (ah such simpler times), Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 was all the cybersecurity we needed. Nowadays, cybersecurity means a lot more. We were excited when Infogressive approached us to help get their message out that cybersecurity is a service every company—big or small—needs. Our approach was to create a data sheet that explained their high quality and easily customizable services in a way anyone can understand.

Our goal was to get the word out to small businesses that cybersecurity is something every business needs to invest in. We also aimed to let larger businesses know that Infogressive has the expertise and know-how to keep even the biggest accounts safe. There’s a lot of jargon to wade through when talking about cybersecurity and most people don’t know all the “computer-speak” involved. What most people do know is the importance of being secure on the internet and protecting their sensitive information. Anyone can fall victim at any time, from the big dogs to the local Joes, but getting the right message out to those who need it can be a little tricky.

Small and local businesses are generally not able to hire in-house IT professionals, so they need to understand their specific information security needs will be met while not getting bogged down by the finer technical details. We used infographics and careful wording in our data sheet creation to make the nature of Infogressive’s services easy to understand without sacrificing the technical specifics.

We like how the data sheet turned out and our friends at Infogressive said our work has “received a lot of praise from [their] business partners and customers.” We love working with these guys and we’re happy to add another successful piece to the books.