Putting Your Marketing Plan In Action


If you’re like me, there are days it’s hard enough to give much thought to what’s happening in an hour much less six months from now. But as a marketing professional, looking ahead is imperative to your company’s success. With your time in mind, here are a few key points to ponder as you jump into the next cycle of your marketing plan.

Question: As you wrote your 12-month plan, did you consider who’s actually going to execute these brilliant ideas?

While creating the actual 12-month plan could be considered a remarkable feat in and of itself, the real power comes in the execution of its contents. You may have a team to support your plan, but take a moment to step back and think about how you can enhance the outcome of your plan by putting the right partners in place. PLAY is founded on the idea of working as an extension of our client’s team. We can help implement select campaigns, free your team to work on other tasks like design or content development, and provide insight that can elevate the impact of your marketing efforts.

Focus on core strengths
Question: Is your marketing team functioning at peak performance?

More often than not, internal teams are feeling overwhelmed. When this happens, project timelines and the effectiveness of campaigns can be jeopardized. When this happens, you could spend more of your already- limited budget working to put a bandaid on the situation. Identifying areas where a marketing partner can help free your team will save you headaches and money. As an example, we partnered with Credit Union of America (CUA) to implement a campaign based on matching needs to services. The PLAY team developed materials, including a microsite, to demonstrate how key lifestyle needs can be met by CUA services. And because we were able to track and measure the campaign, small adjustments could be made along the way to assure success. We work as an extension of their team.

Tracking Success
Question: Are you measuring success with actual numbers or a gut feeling?

When teams are busy implementing campaigns and one-off marketing pieces and handling a host of other responsibilities, it’s easy for real, authentic measurement to go to the wayside. In the CUA example, we were able to integrate analytics into the campaign, measuring response rates to direct mail and activity online, which empowered us to modify the campaign in order to create a meaningful connection with more people. We can help enhance how you measure success, either with a single campaign or on a more regular (monthly or quarterly) basis. These reviews can include reviewing your plan and suggesting strategies for improving your efforts. Whether your team executes the project or we help, you’re equipped with measurable tools to elevate success.

Breaking down goals
Question: Is your primary goal broken down for greater attainability?

Setting a primary, master goal for the year may not be that challenging. Breaking it down into smaller, more attainable pieces can be. However, by doing this you increase your chances for success. Setting smaller goals by month or quarter… even weekly can help your team stay dedicated and accountable. This is an exercise we do with our clients as well as our internal team. By breaking down larger goals, we can improve communication, identify opportunities, and enhance the overall success. Goal-setting in this manner builds a stronger team, both internally and among our clients.

So where does all of this lead anyway?
When you create a thoughtful 12-month plan that:
• Includes what is proven to work;
• Identifies areas of opportunities for key partnerships;
• Is enhanced by measurable tactics; and
• Is broken down into manageable segments…

…your team becomes more focused, and your master goal becomes more attainable. Interested in learning more? Contact us to talk through your plan, needs or goals for this year.