Crossing Our T’s and Dotting Our I’s

07/21/2015|Our Process|

There’s a process to everything. Think about it…when you make a sandwich for lunch, you follow a process. Bread first then, layer the mayo, meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Finally, you add that last slice of bread. It doesn’t seem like much, but chances are that if you change course part way through, that sandwich won’t taste the same. Plus there’s a good chance you may have forgotten an ingredient.

The same is true for building handcrafted dynamic print pieces. There’s a certain process, a series of steps we take, to make sure the end product leads to results for our clients. No matter if we’re reviewing a list of ideas or proofing the finished product at a print shop, we check every nook and cranny to make sure it’s done right.

Our quality assurance process consists of both internal and external review. Internally, we work as a team creating a checks and balances system that ensures our ideas reflect our clients’ goals and continue to do so through the execution. Copy is proofread multiple times. Our die lines and folds are reviewed to make sure the message is delivered in a dynamic, easy-to-understand way. Through every round of review, we take time to put fresh eyes on each project.

Externally, we work closely with vendors to further deliver peace of mind to clients. We take our ideas to mail houses and the USPS to accurately meet regulations on dynamic pieces, die line construction and testing. We also proof files with vendors before printing to ensure quality production and paper selections. Through effective, ongoing communication with these experts, we’re able to stay knowledgeable about creative opportunities, costs, special needs and potential challenges.

By making time to efficiently and effectively review projects, from ideation to finished product, we deliver handcrafted communications that generate real results for our clients.