Rock Your TASTE Buds!

Each year, thousands of people gather around various spots across the Midwest for food shows separately hosted by The Thompson Company, Braunger Foods, and Variety Foods. This year, parent company TOBA Inc., had something much bigger up their sleeve. TOBA approached PLAY with a sizable request, asking us to facilitate all the branding for the first event that would combine all the three companies food shows into one massive event.

From beginning to end, this project was in our hands, quite literally. We began with a name concept, jumping around before finally landing on ‘TASTE!.” We selected this name as it embodied the event, yet also could last for years to come and various themes the event will showcase in the future. With 80’s arena rock favorite, Loverboy, headlining the show, a rock band concert theme was in the back of our minds, we just needed a clever way to integrate it across all medias.

(Shown above: A few sketch examples of logo ideas that we later brainstormed and refined as a team.)

(Shown above: The final logo we designed, developed font styles and color treatments.)

(Shown above: The final icons we developed for each feature of the show.)

The pieces began to fall in place with ease as we developed the rock band theme more and more into copy and design on the invitation. The final invitation was cleverly engineered to resemble an amplifier, opening to look like a rock concert stage. Inside the unique invitation laid a program book, tickets to the concert, and a personalized slap bracelet. The production of assembling over 5,000 boxes fell into PLAY’s hands as well, covering every inch of the office for a week.

(Shown above and below: The box invitation that sales reps handed out inviting valued customers to the show.)

The campaign branding also carried over to social media and email marketing campaigns. Through these media, strategy and frequency they were meticulously worked out in order to develop the most effective campaign possible. From click rates, to engagement, to tracking likes on Facebook, the data we have collected from these platforms has been highly valuable when it comes to tracking the success of the campaign.

(Shown above: Final postcard handout designs advertising specific featured events at the show.)

Overall, through the use of clever copy, unique design, a variety of media, and a cohesive brand, TASTE! will be a success this year and for years to come.