Thrive With PLAY

Last month the PLAY Team undertook a project to help our sales staff interact more efficiently with prospective clients. The project was to help them qualify prospects so they could focus more on turning them into leads and booking meetings. The campaign was successful, so we thought we’d show it off!

Our goal was to present our new creative process and to demonstrate how it can be incorporated into a successful and dynamic marketing plan for a wide variety of businesses.

The concept for the campaign was derived from the idea that all businesses are striving to thrive, not just survive. We wanted to show that creative communication is a tool companies must use if they wish to boost their customer base and make more sales. In order to promote this message, our team developed an array of pieces to display our capabilities:

– A box mailer

– A booklet depicting the details of our process

– A microsite

– Custom business cards


Over the course of two weeks we sent out 64 mailers. Here’s the result:

– 31% resulted in a conversation with a prospective client

– 53% resulted in response by web clicks

– 6% resulted in a closed sale


Our microsite received:

– 34 new visitors

– 32 returning visitors

– 66 total hits

– 337 page views


You can visit our microsite to learn more about our creative process.