To The Cloud!

02/05/2014|New Technology|

Cloud storage and collaboration is one of the best ways we know of to share, revise and comment on documents that you are sharing with your clients. It cuts time, confusion and puts an end to the constant back-and-forth that emails present when working both internally and externally. Cloud collaboration comes in a variety of forms and function — some act as dropboxes for updated files, while others support more robust tasks like live revisions and even in-app chat with collaborators.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Dropbox. Dropbox is a no-frills file-hosting service that gives you and your clients the power to store and synchronize word documents, presentations, images and more. Users can simply send an invite to a public folder where updated items can be shared. Additionally, the same Dropbox account can be activated on multiple machines, making communication streamlined and intuitive. Free plans start with 2 GB of free space, and paid subscriptions start with 100 GB up to 500 GB plans. Users can even earn more space just by referring friends.

2. Google Docs. Google Docs (along with Google Drive) takes cloud storage to the next level, empowering users with the ability to update live projects on the fly. Write, edit and collaborate on word documents, Powerpoint-esque presentations, spreadsheets and more. Users share documents and folders with others via email invite, and can then chat during writing and revision sessions. Google Docs allows for up to 15 GB of free space, with paid models available too (though you’ll probably never need them).

3. Box. Box has recently made headlines with its $2B valuation and IPO announcement. Box differs from Dropbox by allowing for realtime collaboration on documents, 10 GB of free storage and more thorough support of business-level usage via API and even custom branding for Box submission portals. Box even supports file transfers of up to 5 GB!