We’re Joining the Voice over IP Crowd

03/31/2014|New Technology|

Recently, we’ve decided its time for us to better our system of communications for both us, and our clients. After doing some research on companies and plan tiers, we have selected to go with a Voice over IP (VoIP) system for a number of reasons:

1) Internet Integration. We can use our existing Internet connection to conduct our phone calls, which means lower rates, better connectivity and a streamlined means of speaking to our clients and vendors. With the power of the Internet behind our phone calls, we’ll hear you crystal clear.

2) Call Forwarding. This allows our mobile phones to be connected to calls when any member of PLAY is out of the office. This gives us the power to be in touch wherever we may be.

3) Voicemail to Text. If we happen to miss a call, we can receive a text of the voicemail content.

4) Free Chat and Calls Between Members. This feature gives us the ability to stay in contact with each other…for free! Every member of PLAY will receive an account through our VoIP provider, Voxox, so we can chat or talk to each other on the go.

For more information on this awesome new system, visit voxox.com!