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What’s Up

We’ve been up to a lot lately. Take a look at some of our recent campaigns, awards, career opportunities and general office shenanigans here at PLAY Creative.
2008, 2019

Marketing ITM Technology at Your Credit Union


Think of an interactive teller machine (ITM) like a smart phone.

ITMs are more high-tech, more capable and more convenient than their soon-to-be outdated counterpart, the ATM. And like a smart phone compared to a flip phone, ITMs are going to be everywhere soon.

If your credit union hasn’t begun researching ITMs and forming a plan to implement them, you’ll soon be behind the curve.

If you’ve explored ITMs or you’ve even begun implementing them in your branches, the next hurdle is effectively marketing them. Of course, this isn’t as simple as marketing a new rate on your HELOCs or a money […]

706, 2019

6 Google Search Ad Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs


Google Paid Search Ads can be one of the most effective and trackable forms of advertising for brands of all shapes and sizes…if the person(s) managing the digital ads knows what they’re doing!

The right tactics for running paid search ads can produce new leads, conversions, web traffic, brand awareness, and even sales. Certain mistakes can easily turn your online marketing efforts into a money pit, though, bringing big costs and no results to speak of.

PLAY Creative Digital Strategist Jessica Vogel breaks down six of the biggest mistakes you can make that […]

2105, 2019

White Paper: Growing a Credit Union Brand on a Budget

05/21/2019|Case Studies, Our Work - Campaigns, Whitepapers|

TLCU Financial, a small credit union in Northwest Indiana, faced the problem of dwindling membership and a lack of brand awareness in its communities of Mishawaka and Bremen, Indiana. Opportunistic use of Google Paid Search, email marketing and social media over a yearlong relationship with PLAY Creative helped TLCU generate a massive increase in leads, web traffic and engagement for the credit union.

Executive Summary:

TLCU was struggling to build brand awareness, and the credit union’s Google My Business profile featured a less-than-desirable 3.2-star rating.

Since partnering with PLAY Creative, TLCU Financial has […]