What’s Up

What’s Up

We’ve been up to a lot lately. Take a look at some of our recent campaigns, awards, career opportunities and general office shenanigans here at PLAY Creative.
2602, 2018

How We Make Cash and Apples Fall From the Sky

02/26/2018|Our Work - Financial|

Credit Union of America offers its members an interesting option for savings accounts called a “Save to Win” certificate of deposit that also gives holders a chance to win cash prize drawings throughout the year.

CUA is also rooted in serving educators, so they wanted to send a special offer to their members in the teaching community.

We wanted to create a fun graphic for the email we’d send that reinforced how good the odds are at winning a cash prize with the Save to Win certificate that also resonated with educators. The uptick […]

2202, 2018

Selling Layers of Security with Layers of Paper

02/22/2018|Our Work - Dynamic Print|

The Kidwell team sought a printed piece to help market bank security systems that combat the increase in robberies at financial institutions in recent years.

Kidwell’s goal was to sell remote access security systems to financial institutions. However, they had to overcome the notion that these heightened security measures would compromise a bank’s customer-friendly atmosphere.

Basically, they feared that customers needing to be “buzzed in” or slide their bank card just to get into the lobby would be intimidating and deter visitors. The print piece we created would precede their sales calls to warm branch directors […]

2212, 2017

An Illustration Fit For Credit Union Kids

12/22/2017|Our Work - Financial|

Family Focus Federal Credit Union came to the PLAY Creative team in need of a name and face for a kids’ money program they planned to launch for members. Since the program would revolve around teaching kids good habits with their money, Family Focus wanted both a name for the program and a pair of characters to represent it with a design style that would appeal to a young audience.

With the audience in mind, the PLAY team suggested hand-painted style illustrations for the program art. After some brainstorming, we decided to aim […]