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What’s Up

We’ve been up to a lot lately. Take a look at some of our recent campaigns, awards, career opportunities and general office shenanigans here at PLAY Creative.
1307, 2018

Drip Campaigns: The Timeless College Enrollment Marketing Tool

07/13/2018|Expertise, Higher Education|

Reaching college prospects for enrollment marketing is a young man’s game—literally.

It takes time, the right communication channels , multiple touch points and a near-insane level of planning and strategy. Here in Ad Land, you might know this idea by its common name: A drip campaign.

The Student-Steak Paradox

The combination of drip campaigns and college enrollment marketing are a lot like a raw piece of meat and an open flame. They’re made for each. However, each requires expert techniques to create a finished product that’s irresistible.

607, 2018

Making a New Product a Game-Changer Through Marketing

07/06/2018|Our Work - Campaigns, Our Work - Financial|

When credit unions offer appealing new products to their members, there’s a good chance the competition won’t be far behind with an offering of their own.

As the first to offer a great new product, there’s a huge opportunity to create ownership of it, especially when the competition is surely close behind with their version.

In the case of our client Credit Union of America, that product was a “Balance Boost” account; a money market account with unheard of interest yields up to 3% annually.

The Positioning […]

207, 2018

A Creative Spin on a Sales Classic

07/02/2018|Our Work|

What’s more boring and tired than a salesperson giving you a plain business card or some uninspiring pamphlet you’re never going to read?

Do these ever make you want to call that salesperson back? Probably not. They need to give you a reason to remember them if they ever want to hear from you again.

As The Kinks said, “Give the people what they want.”

So when Kidwell came to us looking for a leave-behind that sales reps could use to gain meetings with prospects, we wanted to provide a fresh, creative […]