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What’s Up

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1704, 2019

5 Tips for Effective Landing Pages


Well-built landing pages aren’t just a surefire way to increase digital marketing conversions, they can provide a treasure trove of valuable data and insight about your customers. And yet, less than a quarter of companies are satisfied with the results from their landing pages, according to Impact.

With companies like Moz generating $1 million in new revenue with landing pages and online campaigns, one can’t help but wonder why more businesses don’t leverage high-quality landing pages to increase leads, sales and brand awareness.

When you’re ready to unleash the power power of landing pages, follow these five guidelines: […]

403, 2019

Mining the Gold Buried in Your Ads With A/B Testing


Plenty of businesses advertise, but many aren’t taking advantage of their marketing’s valuable byproduct: data.

Unfortunately, many companies are content to send emails, run ads and post on social media without a strategy or goals. Even worse is when these companies don’t use the gold mine of data generated by their marketing.

You can learn a lot about your customers from ads themselves. That’s why we encourage clients to think of it like a free market research tool at their disposal. The data you can gather can be used to improve future emails, and if you’re lucky, the same data can improve […]

402, 2019

The Huge, Hidden Value in Onboarding Videos


It’s no secret that video is one of the best ways to engage people. That includes your prospects, new customers or loyal, long-time clients. Plenty of evidence supports the notion that onboarding new customers is one of the most effective ways to engage them, create a strong first impression and build trust.

But why?

When you gain a new customer, you’ve already cleared a major hurdle by bringing them on board. Congratulations! You’ve entered a honeymoon period of sorts. Now, they’re waiting for you to set the tone, whether they know it or not. […]