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What’s Up

We’ve been up to a lot lately. Take a look at some of our recent campaigns, awards, career opportunities and general office shenanigans here at PLAY Creative.
2910, 2018

Building a Better Viewbook

10/29/2018|Expertise, Higher Education, Our Work - Dynamic Print|

Viewbooks have been a staple in higher education recruiting since before your grandparents had to walk uphill both ways in the rain to get to class. You know you need one—but where does it fit into your school’s overall recruiting and branding strategy?

What’s the goal of your viewbook?

Once you can answer that question, it’s easier to determine what kind of investment should be made in your viewbook. The next decision is even bigger: What should it look, sound and feel like?

Start With Strategy

We generally recommend […]

2910, 2018

The Ad Grid: A Semi-Scientific Method for Creating Ads

10/29/2018|Expertise, Our Process|

Modern advertising has to balance creativity and data-driven strategy to be truly great. Executing an idea based on intuition or gut feelings just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Ads driven solely by unbridled creativity can be interesting, but they typically don’t perform well. Similarly, ads driven only by strategy might be more informative, but they easily become boring and forgettable.

But you don’t have to choose just one side. To strike a balance with creative work backed by provable performance metrics, we use a tool called an ad grid.

Avatars In the Matrix

The ad grid is designed to let […]

1910, 2018

Plan, Produce, PLAY Part 4: Presentation

10/19/2018|Expertise, Our Process|

The PLAY Creative process is the framework that lets us build ideas and bring campaigns to life. It’s efficient and effective, but that’s not even the best part.

What’s great about the PLAY process is that it can be used to craft creative solutions to just about any problem, regardless of your operations.

In the fourth installment of a six-part series outlining each step of our creative solution-seeking roadmap, we’ll focus on the Presentation step. We believe great work should be able to sell itself…but a thorough and thoughtful presentation never hurts.

In case you […]