Where Brand Building Meets Customer Appreciation

Credit Union of America understands the importance of a strong brand. They know that their brand’s impact goes beyond products and marketing materials.

In the fall, they came to the PLAY Creative team looking for ideas for a greeting card they could send to members to thank them for their membership on their respective anniversaries with Credit Union of America. Like any organization with a strong brand identity in place and a keen sense of the importance of brand consistency, they wanted a card that was simply a gesture of good will rather than a promotion.

The PLAY team wanted to create a card that let CUA express its gratitude to their members and fit their brand, but didn’t quite look like the other promotional materials they produce.

The teams decided on a theme that both celebrated the relationship between Credit Union of America and its members and also aimed to get them excited about the future. The PLAY team created a greeting card that thanked Credit Union of America’s members for their relationship within the company’s well-refined brand.

It’s important to focus on your brand holistically, not just in ways that directly affect your bottom line. PLAY Creative doesn’t just develop brands, we help organizations maintain and grow them. Greeting cards are one of many ways the PLAY team helps brands consistently stay top of mind with their customers and target audiences.